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  • REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress Theme

  • Powerfull community functions and extended customizations for Buddypress, Mycred
  • Frontend posting, frontend reviews, including limited submissions or paid submit
  • Unique Gutenberg modules
  • Customizable filter panel for all post modules
  • Coupon functions (for posts and for woocommerce)
  • 5 different design layouts for woocommerce offers: grids, columns, sliders, carousels, rows
  • Multi vendor extended support. Wc Vendor and Dokan, WC Marketplace, WCFM are supported. Better functions even for free versions
  • Support for multiple vendors per one product and Price comparison Products
  • Vendor stores locator and product/post map locator, vendor and user filters and categories
  • Membership subscriptions and extended user role restrictions (works with S2Member plugin)
  • Extended Post Layouts
  • Price comparison functions
  • Extended moneymaking functions for earnings on affiliate programs
  • Extended support for Content Egg plugin (works with affiliate systems like Zanox, Linkshare,, Ebay, Amazon, CJ, Impact Radius, Shareasale, Affiliate WIndow, Tradedoubler, Optimisedmedia, Flipkart, and others). Easy creating price comparison sites, reviews, monetizing content and more
  • Extended support for Affiliate Egg plugin (works with direct web sites like,,,, snapdeal, infibeam, shopclues, bestbuy, wallmart and many others). Please, note, AE PRO is not included in bundle
  • Top review list constructor
  • Top tables constructor, top charts constructor, Top sets pages
  • Specification builder, Company profile builder
  • Dynamic button for add to comparisons (supports multigroup for comparisons)
  • Responsive table constructor
  • Catalog constructor
  • Visual composer is bundled with >20 custom content modules
  • Advanced Product FIlter plugin is in bundle. Plugin is useful for creating filter searching and specifications.
  • RH FRontend PRO is bundled with theme. Plugin adds frontend use submissions to your site, possible to add paid submit, woocommerce products are supported in plugin
  • Tons unique shortcodes such as ajax categories archive, reveal buttons, countdowns, pricetables, offer lists, etc
  • Automatic auto contents shortcode, sticky contents
  • User login/register popups and custom author template
  • Extended user review system
  • Hot metter, favorites, post report, like or not scripts
  • RTL support
  • JSON-LD schema
  • Option to use Adsense optimized layout
  • Quick specifications from Icecat
  • Custom badge system
  • Brand archive
  • Printable coupons
  • Custom ajax search
  • Good speed
  • Advanced Mega Menu (supported on mobiles also)
  • All functions are good also on mobiles
  • And much, much more + often updates
  • AMP extended support
  • Special Post Layout optimized for reading according to new trends
  • Product Layout for different purpose, booking, comparison, Extended photo, etc
  • Unique View counter with filter for popular by date
  • Customizer support
  • Special plugin to hide, cloak and bulk change affiliate links
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Advanced rating system for woocommerce
Facebook page about Online Moneymaking

Attention for using nulled versions – you have limited access to theme functions. Only official buyers from Themeforest have access to frontend posting plugin, multivendor, affiliate extension for deal and coupons, specification extensions, Membership options and many others useful instruments. Be aware of nulled version as it has javascript backdoor injected in jquery.js file

BEFORE PURCHASE – please, check our refund policy and also support policy

NOW IN PROGRESS – new demo for for Wholesale sites

multivendor and comparison

Latest updates

V17.4 – 13 DEC 2021

  • Added:Image HTML option for Offer box to replace image with custom code (like Amazon image pixel code)
  • Added:TOC Gutenberg module has much better performance on site and live update of your headings. You may need to resave post with TOC module
  • Fix:Smart scroll feature adds scroll only to product part to prevent whole block scrolling. You may need to resave page or add this block again on page to fix previous issues

V17.3.1 – 1 DEC 2021

  • Added:Counter supports pagination and infinite scroll in Advanced Listing builder + other fixes reporting by clients

V17.2 – 16 NOV 2021

Please, vote for new functionality in our facebook group

V17.0 – 9 NOV 2021

Please, vote for new functionality in our facebook group

V16.9.4 – 27 OCTOBER 2021

  • Added: Content Egg templates support now Merchant custom text (like Delivery, Shipping, etc, you can add them in Global settings of Content Egg
  • Added: Offerbox has separate price field for SEO schema
  • Fix: fix for category selector in Woocommerce query block

V16.9.1, 16.9.2, 16.9.3 – 16 OCTOBER 2021

  • Added: Advanced Listing Builder for Gutenberg is ready for production now with many improvements
  • Added: Much better design for regular woocommerce blocks in Gutenberg
  • Fix: fix for bullet points

V16.9 – 10 OCT 2021

  • Added: Deal grid Gutenberg block
  • Improvement: Deal list Gutenberg block
  • Improvement: Featured section for posts and Woocommerce Gutenberg block
  • Added: News Block for Gutenberg
  • Improvement: Community list Gutenberg block
  • Improvement: Scorebox Gutenberg block

V16.8.4 – 1 OCTOBER 2021

  • Fix:Temporal fix for Envato licensing

V16.8.3 – 17 SEPTEMBER 2021

  • Fix:Conditional asset fallback. If you have issue with loading of styles for blocks, update of Rehub framework should fix it

V16.8.2 – 11 SEPTEMBER 2021

  • Added:Better compatibility with WP rocket Delay and unused styles option.
  • Added: External URL option for images in Offer blocks + some fixes for Gutenberg blocks

V16.8 – 1 SEPTEMBER 2021

  • Added: New Gutenberg block – Content toggler
  • Added: Beta version of Gutenberg Listing builder (the same as in Elementor).

V16.7.1 – 27 AUG 2021

  • Fix: Some fixes according to reports

V16.7 – 23 AUG 2021

  • Added: Option to Comparison table for disabling first title column (so, you can use block as Pricing table block)

V16.6.1 – 17 AUG 2021

  • Fixes: Margin issues in editor. If you are using child theme and you want to try new Template editor option, copy theme.json from main theme to your child theme

V16.6 – 16 AUG 2021

  • Added: support for Site logo option of WordPress
  • Added: Support for template editor of WordPress 5.8
  • Added: New Gutenberg blocks: TOC, countdown, color title box
  • Added: Meta getter block for Gutenberg
  • Fix: Post Elements blocks for Gutenberg template editor (save buttons, share buttons, author meta, price field, button field and many other)
  • Fix: Styles to core blocks (Boxed versions for query loop block, shadows to group blocks, options for responsive control, spacing, sticky option, stacked for mobiles and other)
  • Fix: Predefined Custom template

V16.5 – 20 JUL 2021

  • Added:Compatibility with WordPress 5.8
  • Added:Conditional asset loading for core Gutenberg blocks
  • Added:New page layouts (gutenberg narrow content, regular and extended) for Gutenberg page builders

V16.2 – 7 JULY 2021

  • Added: Support, extra function for Tutor LMS to make learning course site. Demo and tutorials will be soon
  • Fix: Some fixes and improvements according to buyer’s reports

V16 – 5 JULY 2021

  • Added: New demo for Affiliate Learning Courses
  • Added: Updated UI and animations for Mobile menu sliding panel and search. If you have custom header template, remove slide-menu-mobile and search-header-contents containers from template
  • Added: Refreshed Cart, Order pages and Woocommerce notice blocks
  • Added:ew Post Layout “Customised full width”. It’s full width and it doesn’t show titles and featured image. You can use it if you want to make custom layouts via Gutenberg
  • Added:Top title cover block, title block for Cart and checkout pages was added to Gutenberg patterns
  • Added:Woocommerce Query block for Gutenberg. Allows to make complex grids for Woocommerce products directly in Gutenberg. Supported filter and attribute panels

V15.8.3 – 12 JUNE 2021

  • Added:Second description for tags, RTL fixes, more stable URL parser for offer block
  • Added:Preparation for upcoming Gutenberg woocommerce, post and listing Query block, which will be introduced soon

V15.8 – 3 JUNE 2021

  • Added:List schema for Top listing shortcode
  • Added:Desktop table comparison Gutenberg block has overflow now for better tables with many items
  • Added:New Listing Builder module for Gutenberg
  • Added:Improved url parsing for offer block, offer listing modules for faster importing data from external sites
  • Added:Better compatibility with Buddypress 8
  • Added:New full width for Gutenberg option for pages. Use it when you need full width cover blocks and centered content blocks. Example with Listin builder

V15.7 – 21 MAY 2021

  • Added:How to Block for Gutenberg (perfect for instructions, step guides + have howto schema)
  • Added:Product schema for Offerbox module
  • Added:Font options for Customizer. Now, you have all important controls of theme directly in Live customizer

V15.6.1 – 15.6.2 – 4 MAY 2021

  • Added: Few fixes according to reports
  • Added: Experimental sticky option for sticky panel in Optimized Full width post layout to fight with CLS on sticky elements + some other fixes

15.6 – 28 APRIL 2021

  • Update: New video block
  • Update: You can deactivate license from new site without requesting license deactivation on old site
  • Update: Support for Elementor library update and some other improvements

15.5.4 – 20 APRIL 2021

15.5.2 – 15 APRIL 2021

15.5 – 12 APRIL 2021

  • Added: New Table comparison block and RH Chart builder plugin + many improvements for Gutenberg blocks
  • Update: Regular Youtube embeds in WordPress has better lazy load in theme which doesn’t affect web vitals

15.4.1 – 15.4.4 – 2 APRIL 2021

  • Added: More customization in standard login pages for WordPress (it supports now button colors of theme and proper link to homepage in logo) + more options for new Table comparison Gutenberg block. Tutorial will be in next update
  • Fix: Proper support for reusable and nested blocks for Gutenberg dynamic scripts

15.4 – 26 MARCH 2021

  • Added: Option to force enabling mobile icon toolbar
  • Added: Wordpress regular login/password page uses site’s logo and color of header to fit style of site and not default WordPress logo

15.2 – 25 MARCH 2021

  • Added:New Wholesale List layout (most compact layout which allows to add many items on page + it has quantity field for mass purchases from page).
  • Added: Option to enable quantity field in grid for wholesale marketplaces.
  • Update: Customizer has sections for ads and global enable/disable for more easy site configuration + some fixes

15.1 – 22 MARCH 2021

  • Added:New reusable block based workflow. Check video
  • Added: New woocommerce list Gutenberg block
  • Update: Some fixes for review block

15.0 – 17 MARCH 2021 – 12 MARCH 2021

  • Fix: Fix gallery field in posts and other fixes according to reports – 12 MARCH 2021

  • Fix: comment field fix, product column layout and added updated icon for cart

14.9.9 – 11 MARCH 2021

14.9 – 5 MARCH 2021

14.8.1-14.8.2 – 28 FEB 2021

  • Added: Few fixes according to buyer’s reports
  • Added: Top Chart Builder for Gutenberg. Video tutorials + additional extension will be available in upcoming updates
  • Added: Updated Side panel. Preparation for Block Based theme. Check our announcement

14.8 – 27 FEB 2021

  • Added:Updated framework for meta panels in woocommerce and post offer. Preparation for Block based logic of theme
  • Added: Cart sliding panel – it will be triggered on ajax add to cart and header cart button click. You must have enabled ajax cart in Woocommerce – settings – products
  • Added: Deal grid for products You can control what to show in right corner in Customizer – Theme options – Woocommerce Archive settings
  • Added: More woocommerce optimizations. Theme has zero global scripts now and all woocommerce scripts are loading conditionally

14.7.1 – 12 FEB 2021

  • Fix: Fix Elementor templates, brand pages for digital grid layout + some improvements for mobile sticky panel

V14.7 – 8 FEB 2021

V14.6.5 – 3 FEB 2021

  • Added:Better CLS for woocommerce galleries + fixes according buyer’s reports

V14.6.4 – 1 FEB 2021

  • Added: Quick view supports Videos + CLS improvements for some post and product layouts

14.6.2 – 29 JAN 2021

  • Fixes: Woocommerce slider height, video shortcode bug and some others according to reports

V14.5.3 – 27 JANUARY 2021

  • Added: YouTube thumbnails are cached now to improve speed
  • Added: Special Ajax loading function for Elementor templates
  • Changed: Restored original Woo deal of day module

14.5 – 26 JAN 2021

  • Added: New demo page for digital products. Demo
  • Added: Option in Sticky on scroll widget to generate Table of contents without using shortcode
  • Added: Improved CLS for Woocommerce inner page
  • Added: Huge performance improvements and last major speed optimisation step. Possible to get even 100 grade on some pages. Check details what we did
  • Added: More options to control Mobile design in Elementor Listing Builder
  • Added: New Post layout with full width and auto generated sticky contents
  • Added: Zero price products show “Free!” Label instead of useless 0.00 price
  • Added: Webp support for image uploading
  • Added: Lazy load backgrounds for Elementor Section (you can find it in Rehub Smart Options for Section module). Use if you have big size for background images instead of Elementor background option
  • Added: Conditional shortcode to check if meta exists in meta getter shortcode Added: Theme options – appearance – Background highlight color to control background for Colored Sideblock layout and some other
  • Added: Tag option in Post list widget
  • Added: Post support for Deal of day Elementor module
  • Added: Support for Multi Step Checkout Plugins of Woocommerce
  • Added: Conditional loading for styles. Reduced general styles for another 15%, general script file by 60% and Woocommerce styles for 70%. If you have customisations of category, archive files and lose your styles, check original files, you may need to add rh_generate_incss function or wp_enqueue_style from original files
  • Update: Advanced product Filter plugin requires to have custom styles, copy them here Use them ONLY if you use Advanced Filter plugin

V13.9.5 – 8 JANUARY 2021

  • Added: Smart trigger for video for WOW animation. In depth tutorial, examples and explanation will be added in upcoming version in new demo site + other improvements based on user’s feedbacks

13.9.4 – 6 JANUARY 2021

  • Added: Clean centred Logo Header layout
  • Updated: Some refresh for Full width Image Post layout
  • Updated: If you don’t add mobile logo, desktop logo will be used on mobiles. Make sure that you set separate compact mobile logo if your desktop logo is too big
  • Fixed:Image maximum height for grid

13.9.2 – 5 JANUARY 2021

  • Fixes: Fixes according to buyer’s reports + some improvements in Simple post list layout

13.9 – 2 JANUARY 2021

13.8 – 24 DECEMBER 2020

  • Added: Preparation for digital marketplace demo: added option to show video in Directory grid shop module.
  • Added:Option to request deactivation of licenses on sites which you lost.

13.7 – 23 DECEMBER 2020

13.6 – 16 DECEMBER 2020

13.5.6 – 13.5.7 – 12 DECEMBER 2020

  • Added: AWIN templates for Content Egg
  • Added: Analytics module for RH Link PRO plugin to get statistic on clicks of theme’s buttons
  • Fixed:Cardbox module if you use icons in title
  • Improvement:Side templates and floating panel for mobiles + Mycred icons.

13.5.1 – 13.5.5 – 11 DECEMBER NOVEMBER 2020

  • Fix: different critical fixes for 5.6: preloader, Seo Yoast incompatibility and others according to feedbacks

13.5 – 10 DECEMBER NOVEMBER 2020

  • Update: Style code refactoring. Near 50% reducing in size of general styles.
  • Update: Recoding of featured area, hover banners, widgets to make them with lazy load images (should improve google score)
  • Update: Script compatibility with latest WordPress 5.6 + a lot of improvements based on feedbacks (title control for featured area in Elementor, resizing support for charts, button to full product in quick view, ajax cart support for all header layouts and many other)
  • Update: Check important updates in theme

13.4 – 25 NOVEMBER 2020

  • Fixes, improvements based on user’s feedback, Video list module uses loading on click to improve page performance, Featured grid module uses lazy load for improved perfomance
  • Feedback: Please, vote for next Gutenberg block in our Facebook page

13.3 – 18 NOVEMBER 2020

  • Added:Reviewit homepage for Elementor ready templates
  • Added:On click trigger option and custom object for animation in WOW animation framework
  • Added:Review panel for Import addon
  • Added:Some optimisation for new GTmetrix performance test + preparation for upcoming changes in wordpress 5.6

13.2 – 11 NOVEMBER 2020

  • Fix:Widget bug fixes according to reports


12.9.7 – 28 OCTOBER 2020

  • Added:New Gutenberg Autocontent Post layout. Demo Table of contents is generated from subheading of Color heading and Review Heading Blocks. Great layout for brand, product, service reviews.
  • Added: New conditional loading of scripts reduced common script file by 40% + some other fixes and improvements by user’s feedbacks
  • Added: Offerbox of Gutenberg can parse also Amazon products (but we still don’t recommend to show price for Amazon products. Instead of prices, use label on button Check Prices at or similar)

12.9.6 – 16 OCTOBER 2020

  • Added: font preloader to improve google speed insight score + fixes according buyer’s reports. if you used any kind of preload font code in Autoptimize, you can remove it now

12.9.5 – 14 OCTOBER 2020

Added: New 2 Product layouts as preparation for our new Digital marketplace demos. Product layouts are great of any kind of digital product. You can find them in list of layouts with name “Side Block”. Background is used from theme option – appearance. You can also overwrite background per each product in Custom code areas – custom background color. Demo: Side Block – and Side Block Light – Updated store page look for WCFM to prevent bad behaviour if user loads white backgroundsAdded: Logo + menu in one row can have also additional menu after search form (main menu is before search form)Added: Added Facebook Page. We will post there information about SEO, small tutorials and hidden secrets of theme, freebies for promo materials and design and theme’s announces.

12.9.2 – 1 OCTOBER 2020

12.8 – 28 SEP 2020

  • Added: Masonry grid script was removed and replaced by pure css for even better performance for big grid layouts
  • Added:Release of Animation framework

12.7 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2020

  • Added: New bulk import add-on. More simple to use, has easy schedule, possible to import posts, coupons, woocommerce, price comparison Content Egg, categories and taxonomies and even users.

12.6 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2020

  • Added: New demo
  • Added:New product layout, simple and clean, great as universal for any kind of sites
  • Added: Option to choose background color on product page. Can give you interesting effect if you have product image with the same flat color background. Demo
  • Added: some refresh in UI for variable products
  • Added: Button font option. Now, you can set separate fonts for buttons and headings. Also, you can disable uppercase in buttons. If you want to change default font of theme, add it in Body fonts (this will affect all fonts)
  • Added:Improved Logo + menu in one row header layout (added option to add cart, search, Wishlist, etc)
  • Added:box shadow option in WOW animation framework
  • Added: removed some outdated fields (branded url in post fields and custom excerpt field)

12.4 – 30 AUGUST 2020

  • Added: Cart icon in Logo + menu in one row layout
  • Changed: Due to many reports from buyers, doesn’t allow to use their logo now on your sites, so logo was removed in some modules. Also, Content Egg latest version has option to disable logos of Amazon. Disable it if you use modules

12.1-12.3 – 24 AUGUST 2020

  • Added: Translate Z to WOW Framework + fixes and improvements according to buyer’s reports

12.0 – 19 AUGUST 2020

  • Added: button options for Hover Banner module Elementor, floating panel to some post layouts + many improvements which are suggested by buyers

11.7-11.8 – 18 AUGUST 2020

11.5-11.6 – 12 AUGUST 2020

  • Added: compatibility with 5.5 WordPress + support for half stars in ratings woocommerce

11.4 – 10 AUGUST 2020

  • Added: Coupon options in OfferListing blocks of Gutenberg
  • Added: Batch smart scroll function for WOW Elementor framework (full tutorial will be soon)
  • Update:Store deal filter shows offers with empty coupons + other fixes

V11.3 – 30 JULY 2020

  • Added: Updated RH Import PRO plugin which is customised and merged all in one solution for any kind of import in Rehab. Please, delete WP all import, CE add-on for WPAI, Post add-on for WPAI to use updated plugin + many fixes from buyer’s reports

V11.2 – 11 JULY 2020

  • Fix: removed additional files from WordPress which loaded on site

V11.0 – 10 JULY 2020

V10.5 – 9 JUNE 2020

  • Added: compatibility with latest WCFM, fix for local attributes in comparison, better Section with sidebar layout on tablets
  • Changed: License activation method. One license can be activated on one site due to Envato rules

V10.5 – 9 JUNE 2020

  • Added: Search icon to Theme’s Elements in Elementor and Mobile Logos to Customizer settings + improvements according to buyer’s reports

V10.4 – 5 JUNE 2020

V10.3 – 1 JUNE 2020

  • fix: rtl improvements and fixes according buyer’s reports

V10.2 – 28 MAY 2020

  • fix: compatibility with Buddypress 6.0 cover image and Local attributes

V10.1 – 26 MAY 2020

  • fix: compatibility with latest Dokan PRO
  • Added: Attribute groups feature

V10.0.3 – 18 MAY 2020

V10.0.2 – 11 MAY 2020

  • fix: compatibility with PHP 7.4 for Rehub framework installation wizard
  • Added: FAQ schema for accordion shortcode. This allows to get very cool snippet in google
  • Added: Option in Stick on scroll widget to show it only on single pages. Can be useful if you use it for table of contents shortcode

10.0.1 – 8 MAY 2020

  • Added: Heading type select in Listing builder, RTL fixes, some Elementor fixes
  • Added: Installation wizard is enabled now on first activation of Rehub framework

10.0 BETA VERSION – 25 APRIL 2020

  • Added: Dark theme option in theme option – appearance. This option will make white color text for custom pages. You need to set also dark background color
  • Added: Installation Wizard on first activation of Rehub framework plugin. This will allow users to set easily all system pages, logos and styles which they often forget to add on their sites.
  • Added: Directory product layout uses two columns on mobiles
  • Update: All child themes are merged into core, style refactoring and many improvements. You must convert your child themes if you use them. Here is details of most important changes – 17 APR 2020

  • Added: SVG shape module to Elementor
  • Added: Updated Revendor demo
  • Update: Flexslider styles and scripts + many performance improvements for styles (update cache on site if you use sliders)

V9.9.9 – 10 APR 2020

V9.9.8 – 3 APR 2020

V9.9.7 – 2 APRIL 2020

  • Added:Updates in animation framework (multiple animation per object is possible now)
  • Added:New updated demo Redirect
  • Improvement:Updated lazy load (don’t forget clean cache)
  • Fix:Dokan latest compatibility

V9.9.5 24 MARCH 2020

  • Added: new custom header builder for Elementor
  • Changed: If you use customisation in header layouts, add also class rh_mobile_menu to responsive_nav_wrap
  • Deprecated:WPSM box module was removed from Elementor, you can use regular infobox of Elementor. Drop us ticket if you want to enable it again
  • Fix:some RTL fixes and changed place of shop hooks

9.9.4 – 15 MARCH 2020

9.9.2 – 19 FEB 2020

  • Added:Mouse Move Parallax effect for WOW Animation framework. You can see simple example on recart Blob is anomated SVG and it’s also affected by mouse moving
  • Fix:issues and buyer’s reports.

V9.9.1 – 15 FEB 2020

  • fix:Fix for menu flash, more javascript optimisation, option to enable YOYO animation in animation framework

V9.9 – 13 FEB 2020

  • Added:New demo Re:mag is new magazine style demo. Old Rehub demo was removed + new ready page and block for Elementor
  • Added:Autocontent shortcode with support for sidebars and custom blocks
  • Added: Due to many buyer’s requests, Ajax search for posts also searching Stores now
  • Added:javascript optimisation for scroll and search functions
  • Added: New UI for Optimised for Reading layout, related articles, comment form. Optimised for Reading Post layout can have sidebar now and has progress bar. You can deactivate sidebar globally in theme option – global enable
  • Update: Elementor News Block was improved and it’s possible to have 3 columns
  • Update: UI for woo commerce columns and grid
  • Improvement:Sorting in GMW vendor results is set to newest vendors first
  • Deprecated:Two columned module is deprecated. Drop us email if you need it. Numbered Heading module is removed from Elementor

V9.8.3 – 25 JAN 2020

  • Changed:Deprecated vocabulary data was removed + Remarket demo was converted to Elementor

V9.8.2 – 15 JAN 2020

  • Fix:Elementor image loader fix

V9.8 – 23 JAN 2020

  • Added: New demo
  • Added: New option for critical css to fight with render Blocking and improve speed of site and updated tutorial for better speed
  • Added: Re:hub – Support tab in admin pages has search field for searching in Documentation and blog
  • Added: New animated SVG icon for mobile navigation. Also, generation for mobile panel was changed for better speed. If you have customized header layout, please, check new structure for responsive_nav_wrap div
  • Added: Lazy load for Elementor Image modules for better speed of site
  • Added:Better compatibility with Cashback tracker PRO. Now, User gets notification in User dropdown about approved cashbacks (If you have Buddypress on site)
  • Added: fixes and improvements according to buyer’s reports

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